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| Last Updated::27/02/2017

Major Activity


World Soil Day & National Pollution Control Day

On the occasion of World Soil Day& National Pollution Control Day IIPS, POP-ENVIS conducted painting competition during 19 - 20 December 2016 in six different schools of Atomic Energy Central School (AECS), Anushakti Nagar, Mumbai. The main objective of this competition was to create awareness on pollution prevention and importance of soil.


The event was conducted for students of class I to X, divided into three groups in each school. Group 1 consisting of class I to V, Group 2 consisting of class VI to VIII and Group 3 consisting of class IX to X. We received a total of 321 entries (99 from Group 1, 100 from Group 2 and 77 from Group 3).

Painting Competition held on 19th & 20th December 2016
Painting Exhibition conducted at IIPS campus for IIPS staffs and Students

Jury members - Dr. Laishram Ladu Singh, Dr. Archana K. Roy and Dr. Dhananjay W. Bansod finalizing winners

Winners of Group I Winners of Group II Winners of Group III

Ist Prize: Pranjal Gurnule, AECS 4 Mumbai, Standard V

Ist Prize: Swastik Ray, AECS 2 Mumbai, Standard VI

Ist Prize: Vaishnavi Maruti Patil, AECS 5 Mumbai, Standard X

IInd Prize: Ishinavya Chitturu, AECS 1 Mumbai, Standard V

IInd Prize: Priyanka Gupta, AECS 2 Mumbai, Standard VII

IInd Prize: Raj U. Kolambekar, AECS 5 Mumbai, Standard X

IIIrd Prize: Avnish Patro, AECS 4 Mumbai, Standard IV

IIIrd Prize: Riddhidipta Pal, AECS 2 Mumbai, Standard VIII

IIIrd Prize: Abin Benny, AECS 3 Mumbai, Standard X
Compiled By: POP-ENVIS Team