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| Last Updated::27/02/2017

Major Activity


GIS Lecture

IIPS, POP-ENVIS decided to conducted three days lecture on GIS for students of IIPS. The objective of this lecture was to enable participants to understand the concepts of Geographic Information Systems as an information technology science and know the various components of a GIS.

The event took place for three days including theory and practical’s. Total 45 students had participated from Master of Population Studies (MPS) and Master of Science in Bio-Statistics and Demography for the lectures.

Topics covered in Theory session:
  • Introduction to GIS
  • Components of GIS
  • Functional Element of GIS - Vector and Raster Data Models)
  • Applications of GIS

Topics covered in Practical session:
  • Introduction to ArcMap
  • Introduction to ArcCatalog
  • Introduction to ArcToolbox
  • Georeferencing
  • Creation of Shapfiles
  • Extraction of features by Digitization
  • Map Generation
Opening of the event by Pop-ENVIS Coordinator - Dr. Dhananjay W. Bansod

Practical session

Discussion and Query session


Compiled By: POP-ENVIS Team