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| Last Updated::15/02/2016

Major Activity


Kisan Diwas

On Occasion of Kisan Diwas, 23rd Dec, 2015, we conducted various competitions for school children’s and IIPS students and staff. Below are the competitions and their title for school children’s.

1.  Drawing  (Class 3) – on “Save Agriculture”
2.  Poetry  (Class 4) - on “Save Environment for Food”
3.  Essay Writing  (Class 5) - on “Save Agriculture”
4.  Collage from waste material  (Class 6) – on “Save Land, save farmers or Green Farming”
For IIPS students and staff various competitions were conducted on the broad theme “Environment-Agriculture-Farmer-Food”. The following are the competitions conducted

1.   Drawing
2.   Poetry
3.   Essay Writing
4.   Photography
Around 80 Students from L.V.A Sarvodaya Vidyalaya and Swami Ramakrishna Paramahans English School were participated in the Kisan diwas competition. About 11 students and staff of IIPS were participated in the competition.

Glimpse of the Kisan diwas in schools
Collage from Waste Material

Glimpse of the Kisan diwas in IIPS