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| Last Updated:: 15/02/2017



A forest is a large area of land which is covered with flora. Forest provides all necessary material required by animals for their living and survival. It consists of many different varieties of flora and fauna. Most important condition which is seen in forest region is temperature and rainfall. Forest are easy available in all region of earth i.e. from equator to polar. Desert region consists of some plants, which can penetrate their root underground for water such as cactus, palm trees etc .

There are major 3 types of forest in the world they are coniferous, deciduous and tropical rain forests.

Coniferous Forest: Coniferous forests are found in northern hemisphere and in some part of southern hemisphere. And have needle like leave that prevent less water to evaporate. As the leaves are small or needle like they stay green for a longer period of time . These trees can handle heavy snowfall and bad weather. These trees can survive in extreme cold temperature and have poor soil fertility as compare to warmer region because it take longer period to decompose dead remain of animal and plant due to weather condition. Fauna which are found in this condition are deer, bears, caribou, moose, beavers, and birds such as grey owls etc .

Deciduous Forest: Having moderate climatic condition during summer, spring, autumn and winter. In this region summers are warmer and soil fertility is good. Trees in this region shed their leaves in autumn and this helps in soil nutrient. Mainly small shrubs, wild flower and fern grow everywhere in spring season . There are again 2 separate types of deciduous forest, they are Temperate deciduous forest and Tropical & subtropical deciduous forest.

Tropical Rain Forest: These forests are found in between the equatorial region of Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. Best example for Tropical Rain Forest is Amazon. These forests are uniquely divided into different layers with vegetation. Trees available in this region are tall and huge in size. They grow so closer to each other that hardly sunlight passes through them. And sunrays which penetrate through this they are dim and visible as green in colour. Millions of species of flora and fauna are found in this region.