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| Last Updated:: 24/02/2017

List of Abbreviations

C.B.        Cantonment Board/Cantonment

E.O.        Estate Office

G.P.        Gram Panchayat

I.N.A.      Industrial Notified Area

I.T.S.       Industrial Township


M.C.I      Muncipal Council

M.Corp.  Municipal Corporation/Corporation

N.A.C.    Notified Area Committee/Notified Area Council

N.P.        Nagar Panchayat/Nagar Parishad

N.P.P.     Nagar Palika Parishad

N.T         Notified Town

T.M.C.    Town Municipal Council

T.S.         Township

C.T.         Census Town

U.A.         Urban Agglomeration