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| Last Updated:: 03/05/2016

Action Plan 2013-14


Annual Action Plan for the year 2013-14
IIPS ENVIS Centre on Population and Environment, Mumbai


The proposed plan of action is as follows:

    • Compilation of research article, abstract of published paper, environment related news, short notes, photos, essays, book reviews related to environment and population, a note on your research area (if linked with environment), title of published paper and other associated details for publishing in the newsletter. Three – four newsletters will be published in a year.

    • Reformatting of the web page with a new look and adding more information related to population and environment. Also creating web site with regional language.

    • Usual updating of the web site with relevant data, environment related news, short notes, photos, book reviews related to environment and population, conference links, activities of IIPS – ENVIS centre, letters etc.

  • To create an option in the web page where IIPS ENVIS can write answers to the queries in the web page.

  • To create community level awareness by disseminating information related to Population and Environment to local schools and colleges. We can take up help of IIPS students in doing so and they can be paid a small token of honorarium for delivering such actions.

  • Doing workshop for capacity building for students and teachers where experts can be invited to deliver lectures.